Iconic 'Little Tikes' toy car gets electric makeover to get families thinking sustainably |

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Now, it has been given an electric makeover for the first time, replacing the cap with an electric socket and charger – aiming to help families think about making the switch in real life. High End Baby Stroller

Iconic 'Little Tikes' toy car gets electric makeover to get families thinking sustainably |

LV= and Electrix collaborated with the famous toy brand to create the one-off vehicle, after a survey of 800 kids, aged six- to 12-years-old, unveiled what they would to do help the planet if it was up to them – revealing that over half (51 percent) are worried about climate change.

It found one in four would like to see an increase in electric vehicles to reduce reliance on petrol and diesel.

And 44 percent are keen for their own family make the jump from petrol or diesel to an all-electric model.

Banning homework to save paper, and replacing cars with kangaroos, were other imaginative ways kids would like to protect the planet.

The original Cozy Coupe was released in 1979, and has become the UK’s best-selling ride-in toy car, with 180 percent more cars sold in 2022 so far.

During this time, many new styles of the Cozy Coupe have been released – including the Cozy Coupe Dino, Princess Cozy Coupe, and Cozy Coupe Black Cab.

In 2016, Little Tikes launched the “Go Green Cozy Coupe Dino”, which is constructed from recycled plastic and packaged in recycled materials to help minimise environmental impact.

It’s the same iconic outdoor toy, brought forward with an electric charging point, socket, and an all-electric dashboard

Alaina Cornish, Little Tikes UK

The iconic red and yellow livery and accommodating dimensions have remained a constant, but small features have been updated – such as significantly altering the look from the original slimmer roof poles in 1999, and giving the car a face lift in 2009 with cartoon eyes and a friendly smile.

A spokesman for LV= and Electrix, which commissioned the study, said: “It’s great to see the next generation thinking about innovative ways to save the future of our planet, and coming together to show their passion for a greener future.

“It’s clear that climate change is important to children, and we wanted to show them the benefits of using an electric car through play.

“However, we’re not sure some of their suggestions are ones we’ll be able to bring in long-term – certainly the kangaroos might have something to say about it.”

The study found kids also want to save earth by encouraging people to eat more carrots to improve night vision, thereby reducing use of lights.

Others would be happy to do their civic duty and reduce water use – by stopping brushing their teeth.

And there were even suggestions about sending astronauts to the sun to bring back light to save on energy costs.

Researchers also explored children’s feelings about climate change in general, finding that two-thirds (67 percent) have tried convincing their parents to be more eco-friendly.

More than half (52 percent) have told off mum or dad, or another guardian, for doing something that wasn’t helpful to the planet.

The top reason parents got a telling-off from the kids was for buying new clothes when they’ve got a wardrobe full already (32 percent).

And the same amount expressed concern about mum or dad driving a petrol car instead of something more environmentally friendly.

More than half of the children polled (54 percent) said they will drive an electric car when they’re older.

And nearly seven in ten kids (69 percent), who are aware of climate change, learned about it at school.

Another 43 percent have been informed by family members, while 36 percent have seen information on TV.

And more than half of kids (58 percent) believe grown-ups should be doing more to help the planet, according to the data.

The spokesman added: “Switching from a petrol or diesel car to electric is something families can do to do their bit for the environment.

“We understand that making the change to an EV can be daunting, so we’re here to help with every step of the process.”

Alaina Cornish, for Little Tikes UK, said: “The Cozy Coupe has been an integral part of so many of our lives since its launch in 1979, so we’re delighted to announce our collaborative project with LV= with the concept of the first-ever, one-off electric makeover.

“It’s the same iconic outdoor toy, brought forward with an electric charging point, socket, and an all-electric dashboard.

“We’re hopeful the one-off iteration will spark conversations about the importance of electric vehicles for the future.”

To find out more about it, visit here.

Iconic 'Little Tikes' toy car gets electric makeover to get families thinking sustainably |

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